How to connect Brother Printer to WIFI

Looking help for “how to connect Brother Printer to WIFI” read this post to the end. Brother is a company that manufactures printers specifically for small enterprises, whether they operate from home or in a compact office. They concentrate on laser printers, which are fantastic for printing out forms and help you maximise your page yields.

Many of the users didn’t know the procedure. They asked many times how to connect my brother printer to wifi. So if you have bought a new Brother printer, then how can you setup and connect wifi to the printer? 

First we will discuss if you have brother printer how to connect Brother Printer to wifi?

1. Turn on your Brother printer in step one. 

Locate the printer’s power button. To turn on your printer, press it. 

2. Click Settings.

Press the menu button on your Brother printer, then select Settings. The wizard for setting up your wireless network begins with this step. 

3. Choose a network 

Move your selection to Network and press OK using your printer’s up and down arrow buttons.

4. Choose WLAN 

Locate WLAN and choose OK using the up or down navigation buttons. 

5. Choose Setup Wizard.

Up or down arrows can be used to move your selection until Setup Wizard appears. Finally, press the OK key. 

6. Search for Available Networks.

After Step 5 should result in a display on your printer. turn on WLAN? When that happens, click OK. Your printer will then look for accessible networks as a result. 

Your printer will show the list of accessible networks.

7. Select Your Wi-Fi Network. 

By pressing and navigating through the list of accessible networks, you can then select your Wi-Fi network. Press OK once you’ve found your network.

8. Enter the network key. 

You’ll be asked to input your network key after completing the previous step. Whether or not you have one at all will depend on this.

Whether it has a network key, input it and then press OK to confirm if it does. Select Yes to make the changes effective. 

9. Complete the connection.

You should see connected on your printer’s LCD after validating your network key. 

This is a sign that your Wi-Fi connection has been established. Press OK to go to the final step at this point.

10. Print a test page.

Print a test page to ensure that your brother printer is fully connected. Your Wi-IP Fi’s address will be printed on the page to demonstrate that the connection has been made. 

Among the Brother printer models that can be used with the aforementioned instructions are the MFC-J470DW, MFC-J430W, and MFC-J680DW.

How to set up brother printer on wifi?

In order to set up your Brother device to a wireless network: 

1. Your Brother device should be plugged into an electrical outlet after being connected to the power wire. 

2. Turn on your Brother device. 

3. Tap the machine’s control panel’s Menu button. 

4. To choose Network, press the Up or Down arrow keys, then click OK. 

5. Select WLAN by using the Up or Down arrow keys, then hit OK. 

(Not all machines may be compatible with this step.)

6. If the question “WLAN Enable?” pops up, choose “Yes” to activate the wireless network. 

The wireless setup wizard will launch as a result. 

7. The device will look for your network and present an accessible network names list (SSIDs). 

Hit the Up or Down arrow keys to select the SSID you already noted, then press OK, when a list of SSIDs appears.

Select Setup Wizard by using the Up or Down arrow keys, then press OK.

8. Choose one of these

 Enter the Network Key (Password) if your authentication and encryption method calls for it, then click OK to save your settings. To apply the adjustments, choose Yes. 

If your encryption mode is None and your authentication method is Open System Continually move forward. 

9. The device makes an attempt to join the wireless network you’ve chosen.

Brother Printer problems are


If you carefully follow the instructions above, your brother printer should join to your Wi-Fi network. We strongly advise reading the instruction manual for your printer as well. Due to the wide variety of Brother printer models, this is important. As a result, there can be a few little variations here and there.

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