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Read this article to know about We use printers every day at home, at school, at colleges, in hospitals, etc., as is common knowledge. Making copies and printing out documents is quite simple, but to install a printer, we must search online. Here, in this post, we’ll walk you through every step you need to take to install a Brother printer on a Windows computer using the most recent drivers available from the manufacturer’s official website at Simply read the textual content to grasp these methods, which are all extremely simple.

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What is the purpose of website?

With the help of the Brother Printer, the user may print, scan, and copy the document whenever they want. It produces printing that is accurate, quick, and of excellent quality. However, you need to know the default password for the Brother printer if the user wishes to utilize the Brother printing service. Visit official Brother Printer website. for more information about Brother Printer. The user should visit for assistance. This website will assist each user in locating the best solutions for any Brother printer-related issues, and its goal is to provide the finest service possible without causing any issues.

Is Brother website is legit?

The official website for downloading and updating Brother Printer drivers on Windows computers is Brother is a well-known manufacturer of printers, and all of their goods are of the highest caliber. The business is well-known for helping thousands of customers with their printer-related needs while also producing other electronic gadgets. The company manufactures both color and black-and-white versions of this printer. Additionally, the company’s print reproductions are dependable, robust, and compatible. They are simple to set up and offer users high-quality performance. You can contact Brother Printer Support by phone and get the latest drivers for Windows at The Brother Printer Support Number is accessible 24/7.

How to install Brother USB printer drivers windows 8/10/11?

Follow the following steps to install brother USB printer drivers on windows 8,10 or 11.

1. The Brother machine must be unplugged from the USB wire. Shut down your computer. 

2. Access your computer with administrator privileges. 

3. To begin the installation, adhere to these instructions. 

A. CD-ROM for Windows XP or Vista 

B. Download for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or 11

4. Plug the USB cord to both an accessible USB port on your computer and the USB port on the rear of your Brother machine when requested to do so. 

Note : It’s advised that you connect your device directly to your computer using a type A/B USB cable that is no longer than 6 feet. Although other cable arrangements might function, connection loss is common. 

5. Start the Brother machine. Automatic installation should carry on as usual. 

Note: A few seconds will pass before all of the screens appear. During this installation, kindly don’t attempt to cancel any of the screens. 

* For the installation to be successful if a Windows security screen pops up, choose the check box and click Install.

* Make that the cable is attached to the USB port and not another port, like a network port, if your machine has more than one port. 

6. When the “Setup Complete” window appears, check or uncheck the following options to enable or disable them, and then click Finish. 

1. Registration online. 

2. Set as the default printer. 

3. Enable Status Monitor, a programme that allows you to check the status of your devices and receive error alerts from your PC.

On Mac:

Brother Printer drivers for MAC can be installed by carefully following the procedures below. 

1. Unpack the Brother printer and put it together. 

2. Use a USB cable to connect your Brother printer to a Mac. 

3. Open the printers option in system options after your printer is connected. 

4. Select your printer from the list by clicking the + sign, then click Add. 

5. Check the next steps if the printer is not on the list. 

6. Launch Safari, go to, type in your printer model, then press the search button.

7. According to your OS version, download the Brother Printer drivers for MAC. 

8. Open the downloaded file and agree to the licence terms. 

9. Follow steps 3 and 4 to add a Brother USB printer to a MAC once you see the Printer Installed screen.

How to setup brother wireless printer drivers windows 8/10/11?

The procedures for configuring your Brother wireless printer are listed below. 

1. Switch on your printer. 

2. Press the Menu button on your printer’s control panel. 

3. Using the Up and Down arrows, select Network. 

4. Choose the Setup Wizard by pressing OK. 

5. Select Yes to activate WLAN.

6. Await the computer to identify your network and display the network names (SSIDs). 

7. Select your SSID. 

8. If you choose to authenticate and encrypt, enter the network key, hit OK, and then choose Yes. 

9. As the computer attempts to join your wireless network, wait.

On mac:

The necessary procedures to install a Brother wireless printer on a MAC are listed below. 

1. Manually configure your Brother printer and connect to your WiFi router. 

2. Open the Printer & Faxes option under System Preferences in MAC. 

3. Click the plus sign to add a printer. 

4. Here is a list of available printers; choose yours by pressing the next button. If your printer is not displayed, see the steps below. 

5. Use the Safari browser to access

6. Depending on your OS version and printer model, download the Brother printer driver. 

7. Activate the Brother Printer MAC Drivers file. 

8. Choosing your WIFI name from the list provided, and entering your WIFI password. 

9. When you notice a successful WIFI connection, repeat steps 3 and 4. 

10. Print a test page to check the printer connection. 


Brother Printer can’t connect to WIFI, What to do?

We will give you some fixes so that you can connect your printer to wifi.

Fix:1 Reset Network Configuration:

Your printer won’t connect to the network if it had previously linked to WiFi but the wireless password has been changed on the router. 

This indicates that the printer is attempting to connect to an outdated network profile, which is why the connection is unsuccessful. As a result, to resolve this issue, you must reset your network settings.

1. Turn on the Brother printer first. 

2. Then, on your printer, press the menu or home key.

3. The Network option can be scrolled using the up and down arrow keys. If you have a touch panel, you can get there by pressing the next button. 

4. Select “Network Reset” from the menu. 

5. Finally, when the reset network window appears, press 1 or Yes. 

6. The printer will rejoin to WiFi once the network reset procedure is complete.

Fix:2 Wireless channels should be set to standard mode 9 or 11: 

1. Access the router’s control panel on the computer. 

2. Next, select Wireless Settings. 

3. Press the apply changes button after changing the wifi channel to 9 or 11.

Fix:3 Securely configure WEP encryption: 

You will also need to update the encryption type if you have previously changed the wireless channels. 

Some printers use Atheros adapters, therefore this is necessary. WPA/WP2 encryption may not work properly with these adapters. Therefore, switch to WEP 64 if you are already utilising WPA or WPA2 security.

The instructions below make it simple to accomplish this. 

1. First, restart your device and access the router admin panel. 

2. Secure wireless is the way to go. Choose WEP 64 bit as the encryption type. 

3. Create a fresh key right now for your network. 

4. Select “Apply Settings” from the menu.

Fix:4 Restart your Wi-Fi router and printer: 

1. Turn off the WiFi router and printer first. 

2. Restart the printer and the router. 

3. The power button must typically be pressed for 10 seconds to accomplish this. 

4. When the gadgets have a green light, they are turned on and functional. 

5. Go back to the wireless settings and attempt to connect the device once more.


Here, this in-depth guide will be quite helpful in resolving your printer-related issues. Additionally, by correctly completing these procedures, you will be able to install or connect your printer to both Windows and Mac devices.

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