add Printer to Mac

How to add Printer to Mac?

Want to add Printer to Mac read this article. The majority of people find the idea of setting up a printer to be terrifying. But if you know how to do it, it’s quite simple. Here’s how to add a printer to a Mac desktop or laptop, whether you need to connect a single printer to your personal computer or numerous printers to a business network.

add Printer to Mac
add Printer to Mac

How to connect printer to mac?

1. Select “Wi-Fi” on your printer. 

2. Put pressure on your router’s WPS button. 

3. If that didn’t work, follow the directions in the manuals for your router and printer. 

Make that your Mac and printer are both connected to the same wireless network. Install the printer on the Mac after they are both connected:

1. Select Printers & Scanners from System Preferences. 

2. To add your printer, select the + sign. 

3. From the list, choose the printer. 

4. If your printer is AirPrint-capable and you see AirPrint next to Use, simply click Add to connect it. 

5. Choose your printer > Add > download printer drivers from Apple servers if your printer doesn’t support AirPrint. The drivers ought to download on their own.

How to add Printer to Mac book wirelessly?

How to add printer to MacBook Air, a question that so many Mac users ask? Through Wi-Fi Protected Set-up (WPS) or Bluetooth, you can connect your printer wirelessly.  The “Wireless” or “Wi-Fi” button on your printer must first be pressed before the WPS button on your router in order to connect through WPS. However, depending on the printer and router you have, there may be different procedures. For detailed instructions, consult your printer and router user manuals. After configuring WPS, you can move on to the subsequent steps.

1. In the top-left corner of your screen, click the Apple icon. 

2. Activate System Preferences.

3. Then select Printers and Scanners. This will show up under Hardware on earlier Mac models as Print & Scan. 

4. Subsequent to the printers list, click the plus sign. If your Mac is an older model, you might need to choose Add Printer or Scanner after clicking the + symbol. Under Nearby Printers in the Add Printer or Scanner submenu, you might also notice printers that your Mac has identified. 

Notification: If you are unable to click the plus sign, you might need to select the Lock symbol at the bottom of the window. You can edit the Print & Scan menu by entering your password. 

5. The printer you want to add should be selected. Your Mac shows a list of network printers that can be discovered under the Default tab.

6. In the Use area, select the printer’s software or driver. You have the following options: 

You may print from AirPrint-compatible printers using Wi-Fi on AirPrint-compatible printers thanks to AirPrint, a native printing feature of Apple products. However, you would have to download the driver from Apple’s servers or the printer’s manufacturer’s website if your printer is not AirPrint-compatible. 

the driver that comes with your printer, if you have one installed. 

If you don’t have the print driver but want your computer to download the appropriate one when it updates, choose Auto Select. 

7. After that, click Add. The list of printers will include the new printer. On the left-hand side of the Print & Scan window, you will be able to see this.

How to set up printer on mac?

1. Select System Preferences > Printers and Scanners from the menu. 

2. Under the Printers List, click the “retry” icon. 

3. The Add dialogue box appears. 4. A list of all network printers that have been found is shown. 

5. Decide on a Bonjour-compatible printer. It is possible to see the Name, Location, and Use. 

6. Verify that Secure AirPrint is selected under Use at the bottom of the dialogue box. 

7. Close the Add dialogue if Secure AirPrint isn’t shown. 

8. Reconnect to the network after disconnecting from it. 

9. See if Secure AirPrint is now visible. Contact your system administrator if you’re unable to. 

10. Select Add. 

11. Print out your file. 


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