connect hp deskjet printer to wifi

How to connect HP deskjet Printer to WIFI

Check this blog to connect hp deskjet printer to wifi, here is the answer for same. Your HP printer is now smarter than ever thanks to new technology, making printing quick and convenient. You can print anything at any time, from anywhere, going forward. Documents can now be printed directly from mobile devices, in addition. Many users are trying to figure out how do i connect my hp deskjet printer to wifi? Start here to go on a happy, simple printing journey.

connect hp deskjet printer to wifi
connect hp deskjet printer to wifi

Reasons behind the connectivity issues

A network issue that causes your HP printer to lose its connection is one of the most annoying issues you can experience. Your HP wireless printer may become disconnected from your network for a variety of reasons. 

Your HP deskjet printer may be disconnected from the network by anything. One of the most frequent causes of HP printers losing their network connectivity is power outages. It’s not unusual for your HP printer to still show up as offline during a power loss even after you’ve rebooted the printer and your computer. 

They frequently experience issues with network connections due to outdated drivers. Fortunately, these can be updated, but doing it manually won’t be efficient.

How to connect HP deskjet printer to wifi?

As long as you are aware of the username and password for your router, you may use any Windows or Mac computer to connect your HP Deskjet printer to a wireless router.


Follow the following instructions to connect hp deskjet printer to wifi.

1. Check to make sure your wireless router, computer, and printer are all turned on.

2. Remove any ethernet or USB cords that are connected to the printer at the moment.

3. Click “Search” after selecting “Right Click” on the Start button.

4. Enter “HP” in the search box, then select the printer icon. The wizard for the HP printer software will launch and appear on screen.

5. Then select “Printer Setup and Software Selection” under “Utilities.”

6. Choose the new printer to connect to your computer option.

7. To connect the HP Deskjet to your wireless router, follow the on-screen directions. The network name, or SSID, as well as the security passphrase, also referred to as the WEP key or WPA, will be required of you.

* To find the SSID and WPA on your wireless router, check it out or ask your Internet service provider for assistance.

8. On the final screen of the printer setup wizard, click “Finish.” Your wireless router and printer are now linked.


You can follow the following instructions if the above mentioned steps isn’t helpful for you.

1. Press the Wi-Fi Direct button located on the printer’s control panel. 

2. The Wi-Fi Direct light is always on while Wi-Fi Direct is activated. 

3. Press the Information button I to print a printer information page to obtain the Wi-Fi Direct name and password. 

4. Go to wifi on your phone or computer and connect it to your printer. 

5. Choose your printer from the list of possible networks that has the word “DIRECT” in the name.

6. In the Wi-Fi settings, choose the Wi-Fi Direct printer signal. 

7. If a password is requested, enter 12345678. (The default password is this.)

8. Now that you’ve opened a browser, input to view the printer’s EWS page.

9. You will see network on the page; click it. 

10. Select the wifi setup wizard under wireless. 

11. Enter the password after selecting the network that your printer should connect to. 

12. Once the printer is connected, the wifi blue light will no longer be blinking. 

13. Reconnect your device to your network after that.

Now you can connect you hp deskjet printer to wifi.

HP Printer issues


We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with all the information that you need to connect hp deskjet printer to wifi. Now you can easily fix the issues according to your problems. And we hope that if you tried the above mentioned methods, you did not face any kind of difficulty while following the steps.

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