Printer is offline

What does it mean when a Printer is offline?

The majority of us have experienced the issue where a printer indicates it is offline. It can be a bothersome situation, especially if it has arisen right before a deadline!

Printer is offline
Printer is offline

Why does my printer keep going offline?

Simply put, if a printer shows up as offline on your computer, it means that your computer cannot connect to it, which prevents printing from it. A printer and computer must be connected in order to produce prints; if this connection is lost, printing is unable to proceed. This could be the case for a number of reasons, some of which we shall discuss below.

1. This can be the problem if the printer driver hasn’t yet been installed. 

2. To begin with, make sure the cord to your printer is still attached. It might have been partially or completely dislodged by accident, making the printer and computer unable to interact with one another.

3. Check your internet connection first if your wireless printer displays an offline message. 

4. Reinstalling the printer after removing it from your computer might sometimes fix the problem.

5. Your problem could be resolved by manually turning on your printer. 

6. Sometimes getting your printer online again involves removing print jobs from the queue. 

7. It might be possible to reconnect your printer to your computer by just restarting both devices.

Many of you have questions like what to do when the printer is offline. So read the entire article to learn how to resolve the problem and bring your printer back online.

How to change printer from offline to online?

Following are some fixes for your printer which keeps going offline.

1. Check the connectivity of your printer after a restart. 

Your printer may have entered an idle state if it has been connected but not in use for a while. Here, the simplest course of action would be to briefly turn it off and then turn it back on. Check to see if the issue has been fixed. 

The printer must be turned on and linked to your computer in order to be correctly connected to its power supply. Connection problems are one of the biggest causes of offline printer displays, therefore it is best to confirm that everything is linked correctly first.

2. Edit the Status of Your Printer to fix Printer is offline.

1. Press the Win + I key combination on your keyboard to access Windows Settings. 

2. Select Devices > Printers & Scanners from the menu. 

3. Choose the printer that appears offline. 

4. Click Open Queue now. 

5. Select Printer Offline from the Print Queue window. 

6. “This step will move the printer from offline to online,” will be written in a notification that you will see.

7. Your printer’s status will change to online once you click Confirm. 

8. You might need to first clear the print queue for this to work. Your printer may have stopped working because of a print job it was unable to finish. 

9. Your printer should now be operational once you set its status to “online.”

3. Activate the printer troubleshooter.

How to use the printer troubleshooter is as follows:

1. To troubleshoot, go to Settings > Update and Security. 

2. To start the tool, click Printer Troubleshooter. 

3. The tool will check your printer and any associated software for any problems, and if any are found, it will correct them.

4. To add and remove a printer. 

If the aforementioned fix has not been successful, consider removing the printer from the system and adding it again. It’s possible that you’ll also need to download some OEM software and drivers. How to proceed is as follows: 

1. From your computer, disconnect the printer. 

2. Click Devices > Printers and Scanners. 

3. To uninstall a printer, click it. 

4. Go to the Remove device. 

5. Immediately reconnect the printer.

6. Now, Windows needs to incorporate it automatically and set up the required drivers. 

7. You must add the newly connected printer online if your system does not recognise it. Click Add a Printer or Scanner and choose the option that reads “The printer that I want isn’t listed.” 

8. The printer must now be manually installed, which includes downloading and setting up the required drivers.

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We sincerely hope that this article has been instructive and that your equipment is quickly back up and printing properly.

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