Epson connect printer setup utility

Epson connect Printer setup utility

Epson connect Printer setup utility will help to download epson Printer drivers. No matter what operating system you are currently using—Mac or Windows—you can easily find the step-by-step setup instructions to function for you. You simply need to connect the device to the internet so that you can use it from the pc. If you have purchased an Epson printer but are unable to install it, keep this in mind. To finish the Epson Connect printer setup utility procedure, simply follow the instructions provided in each part that is covered below.

Epson connect printer setup utility
Epson connect printer setup utility

How to download Epson connect printer setup utility?

Follow the following steps given below:

1.  First, download and install the free trial version of the Epson 

2. Connect printer setup tool from the official website. 

3. You must now accept the end-user license agreement before selecting “Next.” 

4. After selecting “Install,” press the “Finish” button. 

5. After selecting the item, touch the “Next” button. 

6. Select “Printer Registration” after that, then touch “Next.” 

7. You now need to select “Agree” and press the “Next” button. 

8. Tap the “Ok” button as soon as the message “Register a printer to Epson Connect” appears on the screen.

Epson connect printer setup utility for mac.

1. Start the Epson Connect printer setup tool after downloading it. 

2. By selecting “Continue” and then “Agree,” you are indicating your acceptance of the software licence agreement. 

3. The “Install” option must be selected, and then the “Close” button must be selected. 

4. Select the product you want, then select “Next.” 

5. Tap “OK” when you see the message “Register a printer to Epson Connect” on the screen. 

6. Simply scroll down, choose “I accept the Terms and Conditions,” and then select “Next.” 

7. See the “Activate Scan To Cloud and Remote Print” services after following the on-screen directions and completing the procedure.

Follow the following steps to setup utility for MAC.

Epson Connect printer setup utility for chromebook.

1. Check the network settings after starting the Chromebook. The Epson printer and your Chromebook must be on the same Wi-Fi network in order for them to communicate with each other. 

2. Your Chromebook must now recognise the printer. Navigate to your account photo and choose Settings on Chrome OS. Once you’ve reached the Advanced option in the settings window, select it. Several configuration options will be visible in the Advanced panel.

3. Locate and select the Printing section. 

4. Locate the Printers or Google Cloud Print in the Printing window. 5. Your Chromebook’s version determines the name of this option. 

6. Locate and choose Add Printers (or Manage Cloud Devices, in some versions of the Chrome OS). 

7. You’ll notice a list of new devices that your Chromebook has detected in the following window. 8. To add your printer to your Chromebook, locate it and click Add.

9. Click on the Register button that will show up next to your printer. 

10. On the confirmation screen, click Register, then examine the LCD display of your product. There need to be a confirmation message visible. 

11. To verify the Google Cloud Print connection and try printing a test page, press OK on your product.

Through the following steps you can manage the setup to connect your Epson printer.

Troubleshoot Epson Printer issues


This article should have made it easier for you to manage and utilise the Epson Connect printer setup application. However, it is strongly encouraged to contact the Epson Printer Support homepage and acquire guidance for the same if you still have questions about the subject. Keep in mind that the technical assistants are available to you around-the-clock to provide you with the best solutions to solve your problems (if any).

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