Xerox secure print not working

Xerox secure print not working

If your Xerox secure print not working, then you can go for the following steps:

Xerox secure print not working
Xerox secure print not working

Using Common Access Cards (CAC) Authentication.

Enable CAC / PIV (Personal Identification Verification) access and verification in the print driver and the printer’s user interface. 

1. Choose the START icon. 

2. Select Printers. 

3. Use the keyboard to hit Enter. 

4. To change a print driver name, click on it. 

5. Choose Manage from the list of available options. 

6. Choose Printer Properties option. 

7. The Administration tab should be chosen. 

8. Choose Access and Verification. (CAC/PIV) 

9. Use the pull-down menu to enable Access and Verification (CAC/PIV).

Note: By choosing this option, the printer will receive the card value with each print job (s). 

10. Choose “Ok.” 

11. The Printers and Devices Settings Window may now be closed. 

The web UI (user interface) of the printer is then set up to accept the USER ID rather than the PIN#. 

Connect to CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS). 

11. Choosing Properties 

12. Choose Services. 

13. Decide on Secure Print. 

14. Decide on Print Driver Defaults. 

15. Choose USER ID. 

16. Choose Apply. 

17. The web browser may now be closed.

What to do if Xerox printer not printing or Xerox secure print not working?

Numerous factors can prevent the Xerox printer from printing. To address each factor one at a time, follow the instructions provided in the text. The solutions in this section are primarily about how to resolve printing issue, if your Xerox printer not working, Xerox secure print not working.

Solution 1: Verify the printer’s connectivity. 

1. Next to the “OnLine” button on the majority of printers is a light that shows the online state. 

2. This online light ought to be steady-state in most circumstances. 

3. The connection is not normal if the indicator is not on or is blinking.

(Pay close attention to making sure the printer is powered on, that the printer power switch is switched on, and that the printer connection is attached correctly.)

4. Turn off the printer and then back on to determine if the printed test page is normal if the online indication is healthy.

Solution 2: Verify that the printer is set as the default printer. 

1. To establish a printer as the default printer, go to “Start/Settings/Printer,” make sure the icon of the printer that is currently in use has a black hook, and then click “Set Printer as Default.” 

2. If there isn’t a printer listed in the “Printer” window, click “Add Printer” and follow the on-screen instructions to add one.

Solution 3: Check the computer for viruses, and if necessary, run an anti-virus using anti-virus software.

What to do if Xerox touch screen not working?

You can follow the following solutions:

Way-1 Using the whole power off/on procedure, turn the printer on and off. 

Way-2 The device’s control panel’s touch screen to be cleaned. 

Way-3 Set the touch screen’s calibration. 

Way-4 Reset the device’s job log using the special boot mode. 1

What to do if Xerox WIFI adapter not working?

1. Reset network adapter.

Although resetting the network adapter can be quite efficient, it will also delete any saved Bluetooth connections and Wi-Fi passwords. Before you reset the adapter, make a note of the settings and passwords.

2. If resetting the network adapter work then you need to reinstall the network adapter.

(If not done correctly, a router update might be dangerous, therefore always refer to your instruction manual for specific instructions.)

3. You can reset your WIFI router if the problem persists.

Xerox Printer issues are:


We hope that the above-given solutions to each problem are quite helpful to you and that you didn’t face any trouble while performing the steps.

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