Epson Printer offline but connected to WIFI

Epson Printer offline but connected to WIFI

Epson printer offline but connected to WIFI windows 10, windows 8.1 or in any other window. This error usually happens when there is a problem in connection. Your Epson printer could become unresponsive if the physical connection is defective or loose. On your Windows laptop or computer, an error message could occasionally appear if you have selected the use Printer Offline option. Mac users have also reported issues with Epson network printers going unavailable or Epson Printers offline Mac. Verifying the printer driver is the best option if you discover such kinds of issues.

Epson printer offline but connected to wifi
Epson printer offline but connected to WIFI

Following are some fixes which you can apply if your Epson printer says offline or your Epson printer showing offline.

Follow given methods to fix Epson Printer offline but connected to WIFI

Method-1 Manually disable Epson Printer Offline. 

You can follow the 8 steps in the following list to manually disable the status of your device and fix Epson Printer offline but connected to WIFI :

1. To open a dialogue box, press the Windows key and R simultaneously. 

2. Now enter after typing Control Panel. 

3. In the Control Panel, select Devices and Printers. 

4. The name of the Epson Printer will be listed in a window box that will appear. Click “see what is printing” from the context menu by selecting the mentioned model.

5. So before using your printer offline, choose “Printer” to make sure nothing has a checkmark on it. 

6. Press the “Printer” button now. 

7. After that, select “Set As Default Printer.” 

8. Now close the window and try using your Epson printer after that.

Method-2 Reinstalled the Epson printer. 

You can use the below instructions to reinstall your Epson device after removing it:

1. First to open the Run dialogue box, press the Windows key and the letter “R” simultaneously. 

2. Then, Press Enter after typing the command “devmgmt.msc”. 

3. The list of devices is displayed in a window that appears in Device Manager. 

4. Right-click your Epson printer option and pick Uninstall after clicking on Printer and Printer Queues.

5. Now, Activate the Run dialogue box once more, then type the control panel. 

6. Select “Devices and Printers” from the control panel list by double clicking. 

7. Click the right mouse button and choose “Add a printer.” 

8. Additionally, users using Windows 10 can skip this step. Users of Windows 7 must select the Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer option. 

9. Right now the desired printer is not displayed; select it by clicking. 

10. Now Choose “Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname” and then press the next key.

11. Now insert your Epson printer’s IP address and port name. To reinstall your printer, click Next.

Method-3 Verify that your Epson printer can print without a computer. 

You can check to see whether your device can print without a computer or even a wireless network to resolve the issue. A nozzle check pattern can be printed to verify the same. 

1. Your printing device’s Control Panel has the relevant option. 

2. You can move the nozzle check pattern to the printer’s LCD in the event that it isn’t printed.

3. Now check to see if there are any error messages on it. 

4. If they are discovered, get rid of them. Now print a nozzle check pattern one more time.

Method- 4 Start your computer and the WIFI router. 

Restarting your computer and initialising your wifi router can fix issues with your Epson printer’s status. 

1. Your router’s “Power Cord” should be removed. 

2. Hold off for a while. 

3. Reconnect the “Power Cord” at this point. 

4. Try printing again using your Epson printer next. 

5. Shut off your computer and restart it. 

6. Right now, try printing with your Epson printer.

Some common issues with Epson Printer are:


Users of Windows and Mac frequently experience situations where their Epson printer goes down. This error may have a number of causes. Some of these include outdated Epson printer drivers and issues with the device’s ability to communicate with computers. Working on these causes can help to resolve the issue. We anticipate that after reading this post, the problem will already have been resolved.

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