Dell Printer not working with Windows 10

Dell Printer not working with Windows 10

Dell Printer not working with Windows 10, no need to worry we are here to help. Because of incompatibility issues between the printer driver and the Windows operating system, faulty or out-of-date printer drivers are the most common causes of the printer not working problem. There are some Windows 10 updates that have not yet been installed. Whatever the cause, the following solutions can help you resolve the “Printer Driver Is Not Working” error and restore your printer to its previous operational state. If you have purchased a Dell printer and are having trouble getting it to function or if dell printer not working with windows 10 or any other window, follow these steps to get it back up and running:

Dell Printer not working with Windows 10

Instructions to fix Dell Printer not working with Windows 10

1. Check to see if the USB cable connection is secure; if not, unplug the cable and replug it in from both ends. This will solve the problem. 

2. The computer has to be restarted. 

3. You must turn off the printer in order to troubleshoot it. 

4. Wait at least 30 seconds before unplugging the printer’s power cord from the outlet or surge protector. 

5. Reconnect the printer’s power cord to the socket or surge protector. 

6. Activate the printer.

7. Get the test page printed. The printer is ready for use if the printed page matches the expected outcome. Nothing further needs to be done. 

8. Make sure the selected printer is configured as the default printer before continuing. The steps below must be followed for this: 

9. Hold down the Windows key while pressing and holding the R key. 

10. In the Run window that appears after pressing Windows+R, type:

shell:PrintersFolder then tap or click OK. 

11. On the printer icon, click. Click on the printer model that is linked to the PC since the icon displays the printer’s model. 

12. Right-click the desired printer or tap and hold it. 

13. To set as the default printer, tap or click.

So you can follow the above-mentioned steps to get rid from the problem.

What to if Dell e525w scanner not working?

Scanners that won’t switch on, make unusual noises, won’t scan, and other issues are common. 

The following are suggestion for resolving Dell e525w scanner-related issues:

The answers to your concerns are thus as follows.

Steps to follow if dell e525w scanner not working properly:

1. Right-click on the network by going to Start > Computer and choosing Properties. 

2. Once network discovery and file and printer sharing are enabled, select Change Advanced Sharing Settings. 

3. Close all open windows, then select Start > Devices and Printers > Add Device. 

4. Now, Windows will locate the scanner.

What to do if dell printer will not print?

Steps to follow:

1. Start by clicking. 

2. Select the Control Panel. 

3. Click Printers and Devices. 

4. Directly on the Dell Printer 

5. Select Preferences 

6. Select the Advanced tab, then the options. 

7. Tick the box next to “Never Show” and deselect “Show Baloon Tips.” 

8. Press OK TWICE. 

9. Start your computer over.


1. Connect any additional hardware between the computer and printer, such as a USB hub. 

2. Unplug both ends of the USB cable before connecting them again to the printer and computer to complete the connection. 

3. If it doesn’t work, you need totally delete the printer driver. 

4. By selecting the Start button, you may locate the devices and printers.

Printer issues are:

 We hope that the above-mentioned solutions are given according to your problems. Additionally, if you require additional assistance or have any questions, you may get in touch with the Dell printer tech support team. The firm’s tech support representatives will offer a complete answer to your inquiry.

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