Epson Printer not connecting to WIFI

Epson Printer not connecting to WIFI

Here is the fix for Epson Printer not connecting to WIFI and many more issues. You are able to print remotely over the network using compatible Epson printer equipment. The printer must be connected to your Wi-Fi network for this to work. 

Epson printer not connecting to wifi
Epson printer not connecting to wifi

But occasionally, when attempting to connect, you could run into the Epson printer not connecting to computer via Wi-Fi.

The Epson printer wifi connection problems on Windows devices can fortunately be resolved by following a few troubleshooting procedures:

Fix-1 Update software driver for printers to fix Epson printer not connecting to wifi

1. Obtain and set up DriverFix. 

2. Launch the application. 

3. Await the identification of all of your defective drivers. 

4. You merely need to choose the drivers you want fixed from a list of all the problematic drivers that DriverFix will now display. 

5. Hold off as the software downloads and instals the most recent drivers. 

6. For the modifications to take effect, restart your computer.

Fix-2. Verify and adjust printer port settings.

1. To launch Run, press the Windows key plus R. 

2. To launch the Control Panel, enter control and press OK. 

3. Go to Hardware and Sound in the Control Panel, then select Device and Printers. 

4. Printer Properties can be accessed by right-clicking your printer. 

5. Open the Ports tab in the Properties window. 

6. Verify that the printer is using the proper port. 

7. Using the IJNetwork Tool, you can set the appropriate port. In the Settings menu, choose Printer and then Associate Port. 

8. To save the changes, click OK and then Apply.

Fix-3 Check the connection of your network. 

Check to see if your network is discoverable by other devices if your Epson printer not found on network.

To make sure the network is operational and active, try connecting to it using a different device, such as a computer or smartphone. 

Additionally, you might want to look for restrictions like MAC address filtering that have been enabled on your wireless router. Check the WEP key or WPA password for accuracy if the printer still won’t connect to the router.

Fix-4 Make a power cycle. 

1. Wait for your printer to completely shut down before turning it off. 

2. Next, shut off any network devices or WiFi routers you may have. 

3. All of the printer’s and router’s wire connections should be disconnected. Allow the equipment to sit idle for a while. 

4. Next, plug in the printer and router’s cables and turn them on. 

5. Try joining the Wi-Fi network once your router’s lights have stopped blinking to see if the problem has been fixed.

Fix-5 Erase the cache. 

1. Turn off your printer. 

2. The feed button should then be pressed and held for a few seconds. 

3. Keep pressing the button to turn on the printer. 

4. Release the feed button when printing on the first page begins. 

5. To print a second page, tap the feed button once more, and the cache will be completely erased. 

Restart the printer, then look for any changes.

Fix-6 Reset your printer.

1. Cut the printer’s power. 

2. Find the Reset button on the printer’s back. For a short period of time, push and hold the button. 

3. Holding down the reset button while turning on the printer. A page will print while the printer is being reset, as you can see. 

4. Your printer should be reset to factory settings after doing this. 

5. You will need to set up your printer again after the reset because all settings are lost. Try reinstalling the printer if the problem continues.

Don’t hesitate to take a closer look at our article, which explains what to do if the printer loses Wi-Fi connectivity. You can be confident you’ll be able to resolve this problem for good.

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