My lexmark printer is not printing

My lexmark printer is not printing

Need help for My lexmark Printer is not printing get solutions here. A lexmark printer is a hardware output device used to create hard copies of documents and print them. A document may be a text file, an image, or a combination of the two. It accepts input commands from users to print the papers from computers or other devices. Customers can save time and money by using Lexmark’s printing and imaging equipment, software, solutions, and services.

My lexmark printer is not printing
My lexmark printer is not printing

There could be a number of problems if your Lexmark printer is not working with windows 10 or any other window. Your Lexmark printer cannot receive print jobs if the print spooler function on your computer is not running properly or has not been started. To clear the print job data, the printer may need to be powered off and on again, or it could be blocked with paper.

Follow the following steps if you wanna resolve My lexmark Printer is not printing.

1. In the Start menu, select “Control Panel.” 

2. In the Control Panel’s search bar, enter “Computer Management.” Double-click the displayed icon. 

3. Choose “Services.” Then, select “Print Spooler.” To restart your spooler service, click “Restart.” Send your print job once more to see if the issue has been resolved.

4. Turn off the power to your Lexmark printer and cut the interface cable. To make sure no paper is stuck within the Lexmark printer, open it. Before connecting the printer, let it idle for at least 30 seconds. Send the Lexmark a print job to see whether the issue has been resolved. 

5. The drivers that came with the printer should be uninstalled and then reinstalled. 

6. For updated drivers for your particular printer, visit the Lexmark Printer driver download website. Your printer may not function properly if the drivers that came with it are outdated.

What to do if lexmark scanner not working?

1. Reconnecting Your Lexmark Printer After Unplugging It: 

The steps to follow this procedure are as follows: 

A. Disconnect the interface cable from your Lexmark printer and unplug it from the power source. B. Before printing, open the printer and check that there is no paper lodged inside the device. 

C. Any amount of paper can cause a Lexmark printer to malfunction and stop printing. Connect the printer to the system, turn it on for at least 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. 

D. Try printing once more using the print command to see whether the problem has been fixed.

2. You need to restart the printer.

What to do if lexmark printer wifi not working?

Follow the following instructions:

Step 1. Active Adapter should be set to Auto. 

Touch Settings > Network/Ports > Network Overview > Active Adapter > Auto from the home screen.

Step 2. Verify that the correct Wi-Fi network is chosen. 

(The default SSID may be shared by some routers.)

Step 3. Select the proper Wi-Fi network to connect to. See Connecting the printer to a Wi-Fi network for more details.

Step 4: Examine the wifi security setting. 

Touch Settings > Network/Ports > Wireless > Wireless Security Mode from the home screen. 

Step 5. Choose the appropriate wifi security setting. 

Step 6. Check to see if you used the right network password. 

(Keep in mind that the password contains capital letters, digits, and spaces.)

Through the above-mentioned steps you can connect you can connect to your printer wifi.


We hope the above-mentioned methods are useful to fix My Lexmark Printer is not printing to you and you didn’t face any trouble while performing the above process. If none of the aforementioned measures prove successful for you, then your only other choice left is to get in touch with Lexmark’s support staff.

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