Canon Printer showing offline Windows 10

Canon Printer showing offline Windows 10

Canon Printer showing offline Windows is most common issue for fix read this article. While working on your printer, you may come across many printer problems, and the Canon Printer is showing offline one of them. 

Canon Printer showing offline Windows 10
Canon Printer showing offline Windows 10

These are some reasons why you face canon printer showing offline issues.

  1. Connection error: In case of incorrect connection or no connection between the computer and the Wi-Fi router, you may end up facing the canon printer showing offline windows 10 error.
  2. Default settings issue: Wrong default printer setting is one of the reasons which you face Canon printer goes offline. And because of this, you need to make sure that your printer is selected as ‘Default Printer’.
  3. Use Printer Offline Enable – In case the Offline Status option is enabled, you can face the ‘my canon printer is an offline error.
  4. Issues with the USB: A weak connection between the printer USB & the computer due to loose wiring may result in an ‘Offline’ error. 
  5. Printer spooler error: A technical error in the printer spooler may be the cause of this offline problem.
  6. Paper jam: The jamming of the paper in the Canon printer is a common cause due to which you may face an ‘Offline’ error. 

Troubleshooting methods to fix canon printer says offline problem.

Method 1: Device Manager to Scan for Hardware Changes

You need to go through the given steps to do so:

  1. To start the process, turn on your computer and press the Windows button to open the Windows search box.
  2. In the next step, Press the Windows key and R key to open the Run command box and type “devmgmt.msc” in the box, and then click Ok or press the Enter button.
  3. Now, when the Device Manager opens, you need to click on your computer.
  4. And then click on the Action button from the left pane on the Window.
  5. Last, you need to click on Scan for Hardware Changes and check whether the USB device is working or not.

Method 2: Check for Paper Jam Inside The Printer

  1. There are some small pieces of paper stuck in the roller. It would help if you cleared the paper jam. 
  2. Next, look at the record for Jam In Sheet Feeder Tray. Take the paper out delicately with two hands on the off chance you see any piece stuck there.
  3. Open Output Printer Cover and Make sure that there is no paper inside.
  4. Open the printer backboard and check whether the paper is stuck inside.
  5. Presently Load The Paper In The Feeder Tray Back The Power On and Turn On The Printer.

Method 3: The connection should be proper.

Make sure that you should not use any of the tangled wires or broken one as it may cause the electric shock and one of the main reasons of Error.

After knowing some of the causes of the Error, you must know some of the ways by which you can solve the issue as soon as possible.

Method 4: Update Canon printer driver

Because of the outdated drivers you may face the error, so in case of the error, check for the updates. Many times, users forgot to update the drivers as it is necessary to keep updating the drivers. 

  1. Go to the start button.
  2. In the next step, click on the search option.
  3. And then, type update device drivers.
  4. Now, a user needs to select the Canon printer driver.
  5. Next, if there is an update available, update your Canon printer drivers.


We wish that through this article, you get to know some of the ways by which you can quickly solve the Error. Above are the steps to solve the issue, and we though wish that the steps are quite understandable to the users. It is essential to have a strong internet connection to solve the problem. Also check for Canon Printer not showing up on network issue.

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