Brother printer receiving data but not printing

Brother Printer receiving data but not printing

Solutions guide for Brother Printer receiving data but not printing. Brother printer is an amazing device that works to produce results and turn soft copies into hard copies. This business, which sells printers for both home and professional usage, is expanding quickly. Additionally, it offers a sizeable software package with some spectacular features. Some consumers, however, encounter problems when their Brother printer is not printing. Then they’ve complaints like “My brother printer is not printing or brother printer is not working, Brother Printer receiving data but not printing.”

Brother Printer receiving data but not printing

Reasons for Brother Printer receiving data but not printing :

1. The wrong printer driver settings are the main offenders responsible for this technological issue. 

2. In addition, various interface issues may be the root of this technological issue. 

3. Printer’s significant ink loss renders it incapable of carrying out the user’s printing instructions.

These troubleshooting procedures will assist you in resolving the technical issue causing your printer to not print. 

If the Brother printer receiving data but not printing, follow these procedures to fix it:

1. Just double-check the cable connection of your Brother printer model before attempting any advanced techniques. Additionally, you should decide to power cycle the Brother gadget. 

2. Install your printer’s USB cord (Local Users) or momentarily turn off any firewalls (Network Users). After that, attempt the printing job once more to check if your problem has been fixed.

3. If the problem persists, you should double-check the printer driver. Users of Windows and Macintosh must follow different steps. To confirm the listed printer driver, open the driver section. 

4. Give the print command a shot; if it prints normally, your problem is fixed. Use the step to power cycle your printer for a minimum of 15 to 30 seconds after that.

5. Remove the Brother printer’s head cover and take the ink out of it. Change it out for a new one and apply the procedure to get further information about its printer. 

6. To see if everything is operating in the correct sequence or not, print a test page on your Brother printer. But you can also try printing by using a different programme.

You can solve the network connection problems that result in errors when getting the data but not printing it by using the remedies indicated above.

What to do if the brother scanner is not working?

Brother printer scanning issues are common, just like any other printer problems, and they are simple to resolve manually.

Solution 1: Check your machine’s power supply. 

In order to examine the power connector of your printer, you must follow the steps or processes that are given below. 

Step 1: You must first turn on your brother printer. If, after doing so, the LCD display is still blank, the printer is either off or in sleep mode. 

Step 2: Next, you must determine whether your printer’s power cable is hooked into a power outlet. Plug it into a power outlet if it doesn’t. 

Step 3: At this point, turn on your power supply outlet’s power switches. 

Step 4: Examine the LCD display, and it begins to function properly.

Solution-2 Examine the network connection. 

Another helpful method for resolving your brother printer scanner’s error is to check the network connection. You must set up or configure your brother printer in a peer-to-peer networking environment in order to use this mending method.

Solution-3 Brother Scanner’s IP address and subnet mask can be changed. 

To print the network setup settings, follow these instructions. 

Step 1: Turn on the Brother Scanner.

Step 2 : Tap the Menu button, then with the Down Arrow key, select Network and OK. 

Step 3 : Enter the TCP/IP section by pressing OK once more. 

STEP 4: Select the IP Address option by using the Down Arrow Key, and then click OK. 

Step 5: Update your IP address, which in our instance is, using the number buttons.

So through above-mentioned methods you can resolve the issue with your scanner. I hope you will use these recommendations the next time the brother printer scanner problem arises.

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