Hp printer offline but connected to WIFI

Hp printer offline but connected to WIFI

Need solution to fix HP Printer offline but connected to WIFI then this article is help you. Hp produces printers that are incredibly durable and effective. They are therefore among the best choices to make. These can even be simple to set up. However, there are still certain issues with these printers that might arise and are often rather inconvenient.

Hp printer offline but connected to wifi
HP Envy 5055 wireless Setup connection

People have been complaining recently that their HP printer showing offline or HP printer keeps going offline. Here are some solutions for HP Printer offline but connected to WIFI that will assist you in fixing the issue if you are experiencing it as well.

Hp printer offline fix:

Fix-1 Unplug your router and printer:

Your router and printer should first be disconnected before being reconnected. Try HP Print and Scan Doctor if your HP printer is still listed as offline despite being connected to WIFI.

Fix-2 Setup a TCP/IP port.

Follow the following steps if your hp printer says offline.

1. Obtain the IPv4 address of the printer by printing the settings page. 

2. Now select Control Panel from the Start menu on your PC. Right-click on your printer after selecting Devices and Printers. Click the Ports tab after left-clicking on Printer Properties. 

3. Select the Standard TCP/IP Port by clicking on Add Port. After selecting New Port, adhere to the onscreen directions. 

4. Enter your printer’s precise IP address.

Fix-3 Reinstall the HP print driver and software. 

1. Uninstall the HP software from your computer. 

2. Enter “printui /s /t2” in the search field on the Start menu. 

3. Enter “printui /s /t2” in the Run Window after opening it. 

4. Navigate to Printers and Devices. 

5. Click on “Print server properties” after selecting any printer. 

6. On the Drivers tab, click. 

7. Take a registry backup, and then update the registry. 

8. Run can be chosen by clicking the Start button. 

9. After entering Services.msc, click OK. 

10. Restart your computer. 

11. Installing HP Software again.

Fix-4 Change the settings from offline to online.

If your Hp envy printer offline or your any other HP Printer offline but connected to WIFI you can follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Tab on to “Start”, then “Devices and Printers” will be selected.

2. Click the “right” arrow” on the icon for your Hewlett-Packard printer. It might have HP or Hewlett-Packard in the device name or label. If it doesn’t, you might have to click each printer in the window that doesn’t have a manufacturer name to view its specifications. It says “HP” or “Hewlett-Packard” next to “Manufacturer” at the bottom of the window. Select “See What’s Printing” from the menu.

3. Uncheck “Use Printer Offline” under the “Printer” menu in the new window that appears. Your HP printer will print everything that is in the print queue.

Fix-5 Check status of the Print Spooler Service. 

The order in which documents are printed is managed by the print spooler, a crucial software interface. Additionally, the printer needs to be in a functioning state for the print spooler service to finish printing tasks.

1. Input services.msc by pressing Windows key + R, then click OK. 

2. By doing so, the Windows Services console will be displayed. 

3. Scroll down and find Print Spooler. Check to see if it is running. 

4. If it’s currently active, right-click Print Spooler Service and choose Restart. 

5. If you are unable to view its status here, the print spooler service has not yet begun. 

6. To see the properties of the print spooler service, double-click it. 

7. Change the service’s startup mode to automatic and launch it next to the service status. 

8. To see if your printer is now online, click apply.

Your problem will be fixed by using the procedures indicated above. We hope these methods will do help you to solve the issue and your printer starts working without facing any trouble.

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